Are you angry about the world? (Challenge day 2)

This question have a no-brainer answer for me: YES!

There are too many things to be angry about the state this world is in right now: violence, environment destruction, war, human’s selfishness, injustice etc. Nobody can say the world is in a perfect shape while those things still exist and human still try to find a way to devour each other.

However, the one that’s most angry me is the human’s over-persistence to their own survival. I’m not sure about the rest of the world yet, but many around me is showing this problem.

So what’s wrong with survival? Nothing! The wrong part here is the “over-persistence” part.

Human has some basic needs to survive. I trust many can name them out easily: air, food, clothes etc. However, to really be alive is much more than just that. The society has developed to a level that food and clothes are not really a scarcity sources anymore. In many places in the world right now, people are making many times more than they can eat and wear. So in these places, the basic needs are not something they really have to worry about. They may even have enough to share and feed many in other places that don’t have as much as them.

Many don’t have to worry about basic needs

The funny part is that, many people stuck at this level of need and don’t, or can’t, move on to the next one, which means working with passion and making impact to the world. Their life just go on with having a 9-to-5 job, going home, watching TV or playing games, going to sleep, and repeat until they die. They will not have any special impact to the world. This is wrong! With each person living like that, the world lose one chance to get better. That one chance maybe the one as small-scale as a new kind of social business for one country or as large-scale as a discovery in environment protection. Whatever it is, a lost is a lost!

And that’s not the worst! Many people make their move in their work/career, but they do that with a sole purpose of filling their own pocket, with money and power, not to share or to help. For these people, not any amount of wealth or power can satisfy them. With intention like that, they will make impact to the world, but it may not be in a good way. Many problems originated from intentions like that, like bribery, war, human trafficking etc.

The world will be much better if filled with people living their passion, love and sharing!

The world needs love, passion and sharing
The world needs love, passion and sharing

So how about you? Are you angry about the world right now? If yes, what is it? Let’s have a discussion in the comment below!

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6 Replies to “Are you angry about the world? (Challenge day 2)”

  1. Well, I am not angry about the world. It is out of my control, I am angry a little bit about myself. I can change myself and then small piece of our world will be changed as well. We are creating that world. And problem is that pepople have mostly broken compas. They focus to much on what they want, not what they need. I think this is a problem of our world. Like, I want it now! Thats why people can’t save money. I wan’t you be a person… Thats why most of the relationships are dysfunctional. Etc,. The same with success, is having a lot of money is a success or a result of success. Etc. 🙂 But, Like I said , I am not angry about this.

    1. hungqnguyen1993 says: Reply

      Thank you for sharing your opinion ?

      It is so true that most of problems in the world right now are out of our control. The only thing we can do is to live our best, then share our love and care with others. By doing good things and sharing the love, we can inspire others to live a better life and as a result, make the world a better place!

  2. Fantastic post. And you hit the nail right on the head.
    People have been hoodwinked to believe that “fill in the blank” will lead to happiness. We call this the rat race amongst other names. But it’s an endless chase (carrot and donkey).
    It’s quite sad that they don’t see the next stage; I mean maslows hierachy exists for a reason, look at it lol.

    1. hungqnguyen1993 says: Reply

      Thank you very much! ?

      The chase to wealth is like a madness race where everyone can’t even realize that they are running in a circle. Ironically, the ones who really achive success and wealth are the ones know how to stay out of this race.

  3. I like your thoughts, and I am totally with you on the point that the world would be a better place if more people in the wealthy countries dared to live their dreams. Especially given that what we often want to buy is the feeling of freedom and gratefulness many ‘poor’ peple seem to have naturally. Whenever a friend comes back from holidays in so called poor countries, they bragg about how friendly and happy the people seemed to be. And then they go back to their miserable jobs where they sit at a desk all day to earn the money for a fitness club where they run another threadmill. That’s sick, isn’t it? But what can we do to encourage more people to be brave and stop enslaving themselves in a behaviour which makes them sick, and exploits natural resources and people across the globe along the supply chain and only addds to the wealth of a few? I am looking forward to learning about what your constribution will look like. Have fun along the way!
    P.S.: My angry:

    1. hungqnguyen1993 says: Reply

      Thank you for your opinion! ?

      I believe that it is the friendly nature from people in poor place as well as their strive to have a better life through their sharing and contribution to the world is what makes them seem so naturally happy.

      What can we do is a journey I haven’t found out yet, but I believe there are ways exist! We can start by living by our dream, being the catalyst to the change to come.

      p/s: I’ve just visited your post, it’s really wonderful!

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