We all have our excitement!

What is your elevator pitch?

This question is a bit ambiguous and really hard to answer, but it can be converted to these ones:

What do you want to build?

What are you excited about?


We all have things we are excited about in our daily life. You know, things that makes us want to jump right in and start working on it right away. Either big or small, only when we do works that bring us to our “elevator pitch” that we can bring out our best and have fun doing it. By doing what you really “want”, you are living your true self and only then you can push through the bumpy road to success.

I have something I am excited about doing, too. Some are big, some are small, some with a road, and some even sounds like just a dream that will never come true. I hope through sharing mine, I can help you have some ideas about what I thing an elevator pitch can be.

  1. Small and for myself

I haven’t mentioned this before but I have an idol, who I really look up to, her name is Lindsey Stirling. I like her not just because she makes beautiful music but also she is a role model for something I believe: you need to find and live your true self. This is simple: find yourself, be yourself, and the world will thank you for that.

Lindsey Stirling - amazing dancing violinist
Lindsey Stirling – amazing dancing violinist

(Wow, I can keep on writing about her for days! But let’s leave it there. For more about her story and her music, you can go to her website or take a look at her book and her youtube channel)

What I really want is to work for her, help her in creating music, videos, and making tours and promote that ideal. That’s it.

To be more precise: I want to be her creative supporter! Yes, you read it right: supporter, not director. She is her own creative director. She has a wonderful creative mind and I admire her so much for that. I used to work with video clips, slides, and some stage technical stuffs so I may can help her with ideas for them. And as mentioned in my last post, two of the most thing I proud that I have is imagination and visualization skill, which I haven’t known how to use to serve people. This is the way I can use them to help her.

To be one of the crew, to help her make music, make video clips, create tours, and many more… is one of my elevator pitch. This is a dream though, as my country is a planet away from her and getting a visa to the US to work is not easy. Let alone the fact that connecting to her is also a challenge.

So many “I” in this part. I know it sounds a little bit selfish but this is what I want. We need to be selfish sometimes.


  1. The big, the story and the world

There are times that I create a story about an organization that represents what the world in my creation would be. I create story consciously and unconsciously, remember? So this is a small part it, and also what I want to build in the world.

We have a system that provide all of our member with basic needs: food, clothes, home, transportation etc. And it’s all in high quality so that we can ensure the first level of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is satisfied. We also pay our members to just be in the organization and follow our rules (nothing complicated, just simple ones like stay accountable to your words, no violence with other members or things like that). These are what all of our members will be received, no matter if he or she do anything or not. In our organization, you can play, you can work, you can test to find the work you love, etc. or you can do absolutely nothing, and still receive those welfares.

You may question that what if everyone just do nothing at all. I don’t really mind about that. Let me ask you one question: How long do you think you can stay doing nothing? One month? Two months? A year? Even when someone just want to play games, they will get good at it and become a famous gamer for the rest of the world. Furthermore, we only lift our member up the first, second and maybe the third level of the hierarchy. There are two more levels that all of us need to climb and those are the aim for our member.  When lower levels are fulfilled, the need for higher ones will appear, that’s the nature’s law.

We have members who have no worry other than being their true self, being their best, and asserting themselves. That’s the point where the development begin, that’s where real evolution can be created. And that my friend is what the world need.

Development is what the world need
Development is what the world need

So I have my “pitches”, there are some things more but these are two things that I draw in my head every day. They are all dreams that may never come true, but who knows, the world always change.

I hope that through reading this post, you can have a glimsp of what an “elevator pitch” can be (in my opinion), and create your own. It’s all start in our mind, and also end in there.

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Thank you very much for your reading!

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