Question of the day started!

As you have known from my first post, I’ve decided to start writing a blog. And one of the first thing I will do is try to “record” my answer for somes questions up here. These questions will be the ones I got asked by someone, or ones that suddenly pop in my mind that make me actually think about it.

So first up, I’m taking the start-a-blog challenge from Live Your Legend (You can click in the text for the link). This challenge will help me get ideas like what to write in my blog when I get started. And they share nice stuffs, too. For that reason, the next seven posts (actually there’ll be only six, the reason will be explained right after this) will be my answers to then questions from seven writing prompts they provided in the next six days. Well, there will be only six more posts because the first one was answered in my post “Say Hi to the world!”

Thank you for reading this and stay tuned for more!

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