Say Hi to the world!


So I’ve decided to start my blog. This will be the place to share all of my thinking, my experience, my journal… well, basically you can find almost everything in my mind up here!

The question you may have is: why am I up here? The answer is simple: to explore and to share.

I am starting a journey to find my true self and live by it. It is a path to find my passion, my value so I can do the work I truly love and yeah, live on it, while still have time to enjoy life and do other things that I want. This is the work I have tried many times before but it always ended up hitting a wall of uncertainty. I hope in writing this blog and following the direction I am currently receive, I can have a deeper view into myself and break through that wall.

That’s the first reason, but the more important one I’m here is that: to share my story with you. Why I want to do it? Because maybe you are in a same situation with me; or maybe you know someone who is and really want to help them. Then my stories are what you will need. Furthermore, many of my viewpoints, ideas, recommendations, and guides will also be up here. They will certainly be useful

Thank you for being here! Stay tuned for more!

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