Getting gratitude for your work! (challenge day 3)

What do people thank you for?

Thinking about this question brings a quite strange feeling to me. I’ve never thought about this before. Sometimes I did something because I was told/forced to do it by my parents, teachers etc. Many other times I did something, it was just because I felt like I wanted to do it, or it was something should be done. Rarely I questioned myself about what I get back from people by doing that, and never thought of how I can benefit people by helping them. These are some of the things I have clearest memory about, which also consists of some thanks from people:

The first thing comes to my mind is giving instructions or sharing information. I like sharing. Even though I don’t know too much (deal with it, I’m not any expert!) but I like to share what I know. The feeling of sharing always make me feel good and purposeful. Even though it’s just a piece of information about upcoming event, or instruction of how to make a video clip (yes, I did make video clips, but recently stop for being too busy) and anything else, they all give me that good feeling, and I can do it for hours. I do get thanked for doing it sometimes, but the thanking’s not what I aim for. I just feel like I love sharing.

“The secret to living is giving” ~ Tony Robbins

The second thing is something I just started being able to do recently. I managed, somehow, to help some people feel better when they are down. All I did was just saying encouragements and reminding them of great things in them or in their life. There’s no particular reason why I did it. Just that I don’t want to see people like that. And also, doing it bring me a peaceful feeling and happiness, too.

Encourage people to live happily
Encourage people to live happily

The third thing is something I stopped doing recently. To be exact, I don’t have a chance to do. That is running a show. I did it a lot in college. Without any thinking of what I would earn, I just threw myself into the world, and I felt really alive back then. This picture is from the finale of one of our MC contest called “Front The Most”:

Front The Most 2014 - The Finale
Front The Most 2014 – The Finale

The fourth thing is making video clips. Also something I don’t have a chance to do nowadays. Everything I know about making clips are self-taught, and I’m nowhere called expert. But making clips get me the feeling of creativity and somewhat freedom. I also got some thanks for making them, too.

The fifth and final thing is writing. Well, I just do it. This includes both writing this blog, writing my journey and writing a fiction story. I just feel like I want to do it, and doing it make me feel pretty much alive, especially when I get into the flow to write the story. Not sure what will I get from that yet but well, I will just do it anyway. Like one of my idol said:

“I make art for the sake of art . . . and for my own selfish gratification” – Lindsey Stirling

So thinking about this topic, this is all I have. What about you?

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Thank you very much for reading!

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5 Replies to “Getting gratitude for your work! (challenge day 3)”

  1. It’s great to see people like you who still value the idea of sharing your knowledge 🙂 I suppose sometimes, due to various reasons, people tend to keep their ‘ideas’ to themselves cuz they want to protect that ideas. But here is one powerful quote that I really like from Paul Arden, ” If you give away everything (ideas) you have, you are left with nothing. This forces you to look, to be aware, to replenish”. And at the same time, I think it helps us grow too when we seek for newer and innovative ideas. 🙂

    1. hungqnguyen1993 says: Reply

      Thank you very much for your sharing!

      There is one thing I believe, it is also mentioned in the post, that is: the secret to living is giving. I learn this from many people I look up to like Lindsey Stirling, Tony Robbins, Lewis Howes, Bill Gates, Jim Kwik etc. This is the common thing I can see between them, and yet they are so successful and have a happy life. I believe this is the secret, because as you share, and try to find a way to share more, it is when you truly grow!

      Furthermore, I think sharing is the key to solve many problems in this world: violent, greed, war etc.

  2. Julie De Luna says: Reply

    Wonderful post! I enjoyed reading it and it got me thinking about what people thank me for and unfortunately I really could not think of anything. It made me realize that I have not been sharing. This post has inspired me to share more, more of my thoughts, more of my knowledge, more of myself.

    1. hungqnguyen1993 says: Reply

      Thanks and I’m glad you enjoy reading what I have to share 😀

      You can try to have some time, about half an hour or so, to try to travel back to your past. I’m sure there were times that people did say thank you for something!
      And it’s never late to start sharing, right? 😉

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