Be a world changer

What different do you want to make?

This will not be a long one because I want to go straight to the point.

Life stream is like a river. Each one of us live in it have a choice to swim, or to let yourself be carried away. One way, your life is quite, uneventful and simple but without notice. While on other way, you have to spend your energy, your life have many ups and downs, but people will notice you because you make noises, and you make some differences to the river. The choice is yours, either live your life silently or stand up and create a different. To me, I choose to make a different.

Will go for a swim?
Will you go for a swim?

But what exactly it is?

I want the world to be filled with passionate and loving people. That is the different I want to make, or at least bring the world toward it.

People living their passion, being their own true self, their legend, are ones who will create development to the world. These people are the ones who will challenge the status quo because they are going to do what they actually care about. And you know, we will expect them to give their best at it, because that’s exactly what they will do. Think of Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, or Tony Robbins, Bill Gates; they all did things that they cared about. And that’s also the reason why they success. Their passion gave them tremendous strength to overcome difficulties, which are surely happens along the way to development.

Fish your passion!
Fish your passion!

The world will develop, but it will not survive without the connection between humans with humans and humans with other elements of the earth. And the core of that connection is simple: Love.

“Love is everything” ~ Tony Robbins

These words are just so right.

Will you have war with ones you love? No! Then there’s no war. Will you sell ones you love? No! Then there’s no human trafficking or betrayer. Will you destroy things you love? No! Then nature can be protected. Will you protect things you love? Yes! Will you share and help your loved ones? Yes, of course!

Isn’t it great if the world is filled with love?

Love is important to the world!
Love is important to the world!

So, a world filled with passion and love. This is what I want to see and want to make in the world. What about you? What different do you want to make? Or you choose to lie still and let the stream swept yourself away?

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